2010 Annual CES Conference
Going Green, Gold And Global: New Horizons For Evaluation
May 2 to 5, 2010 — Fairmont Empress Hotel and Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria

Proposal submission
Exhibitors, supporters and advertisers

Call for Presentations

Evaluation professionals and other potential presenters are invited to submit proposal(s) for a presentation for the Canadian Evaluation Society 2010 National Conference. The theme for this year's Conference is "Going Green, Gold, and Global: New Horizons For Evaluation".

Types of Presentations

Presentations will be made at the Conference. As indicated below, they may be in the form of papers, posters, panels, etc. See the list of formats and definitions. Each session is expected to have the following time allotment that includes discussion:

  • Paper Presentation: 20 or 30 minutes
  • Panel: 45 or 90 minutes
  • Debate: 90 minutes
  • Roundtable: 45 minutes
  • Poster: Standing displays at designated locations

Presentation Selection Criteria

Presentations will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Consistency with Conference themes;
  • Experience and knowledge of presenter(s);
  • Relevance and potential usefulness of presentations for delegates; and,
  • Number of presentations per presenter.

Special consideration will also be given to presenters who propose joint presentations with less experienced presenters. Not all proposals will be necessarily accepted.

Guidelines for Submitting Presentation Proposals

Proposals will only be admissible if submitted through the proposal submission system. THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS IS JANUARY 11, 2010.

Presentation proposals must include the following:

  • Title of the presentation.
  • Two to three keywords that best describe the presentation proposal.
  • Conference theme addressed by your presentation.
  • Type of presentation.
  • Names, affiliations and email addresses of all presenters (or discussants for panels).
  • Presenter's or organizer's complete mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.
  • Abstract (up to 150 words for poster, and up to 300 words for a debate, panel, or roundtable.).
  • Biographies of all presenters (up to 300 words each).
  • Language of presentation.

Please note that a data projector, laptop and screen will be provided. All other equipment must be ordered in advance and paid for by presenters. Presentation and poster guidelines will be provided with notification of acceptance. Also note that, considering the benefits of attending the Conference, all presenters will be required to pay the Conference registration fees.


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