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Vert, or et planétaire : nouveaux horizons pour l'évaluation
2 au 5 mai 2010 — Hôtel Fairmont Empress et Centre des congrès de Victoria, Victoria

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Enhancing skills for tough feedback in evaluation (08) [EN]

Eileen Piggot-Irvine, NZ Action Research and Review Centre, Unitec Institute of Technology

2 mai 2010, 9 h 00 - 12 h 00 - Beginner - 25 places

In many areas of evaluation there is a current push to overcome the formative and summative divide through the provision of on-going dialogue and feedback with stakeholders. Such an approach is particularly useful in program evaluation where immediate or incremental improvement is often required as the evaluation is progressing. Feedback in this situation is sometimes unproblematic, but more frequently it is stressful and anxiety-riven due to the potential for defensive responses from both the provider of feedback and the recipient.

This workshop will involve participants in developing skills in evaluator feedback for difficult situations, especially those where it is determined that errors or gaps exist between 'espoused theory' (intentions and program goals) and 'theory-in-use' (program implementation).

An example case study will also illustrate (with evidence) how such an approach was directly linked to multiple, unanticipated, positive outcomes in the evaluation of a national leadership development program.


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