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Vert, or et planétaire : nouveaux horizons pour l'évaluation
2 au 5 mai 2010 — Hôtel Fairmont Empress et Centre des congrès de Victoria, Victoria

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RealWorld Evaluation: Practical tips for doing project impact evaluations (05) [EN]

Jim Rugh, Independent Evaluator of International NGO's

2 mai 2010, 9 h 00 - 16 h 00 - Intermediate - 40 places

Have you had the experience of being asked to perform an evaluation of a project that was almost finished, there was no baseline, and there can't be a comparison group, yet your clients expected 'rigorous impact evaluation'? Not only that, but as you were negotiating the terms of reference you discovered that there is a short deadline and a rather limited budget for conducting the evaluation! Have you had to deal with political pressures, including pre-conceived expectations by stakeholders?

This workshop presents a seven-step process, a checklist and a toolbox of techniques that seek to help evaluators and clients ensure the best quality evaluation under real-life constraints like those described above.

The RealWorld Evaluation approach will be introduced and its practical utility assessed through presentations, discussions, and examples drawn from the experiences of the presenter and participants who will mutually learn and share practical techniques for dealing with real-world constraints.


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