Congrès annuel 2010 de la SCÉ
Vert, or et planétaire : nouveaux horizons pour l'évaluation
2 au 5 mai 2010 — Hôtel Fairmont Empress et Centre des congrès de Victoria, Victoria

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The Evaluation Framework: An approach to assessing and reporting outcomes and impacts (03) [EN]

Dr. Harry Cummings, University of Guelph; Hubert Paulmer, Harry Cummings and Associates Inc.

2 mai 2010, 9 h 00 - 16 h 00 - Beginner to Intermediate - 25 places

There is a growing pressure and importance for programs, projects and institutions to demonstrate strong evidence of results in terms of outcomes, sustainability and long-term impacts. The economic recession, the increasing need for accountability to taxpayers' dollars and the global context further strengthens the need to demonstrate results.

Both federal and provincial governments in Canada want to showcase the results – the evidence of immediate outcomes, intermediate outcomes and final (ultimate) outcomes. In international development there is also pressure to look at the impact and sustainability of the development initiatives.

Programs and projects consist of activities leading to outputs. A lot of data is collected. How do these outputs contribute to outcomes? How can one demonstrate and/or report evidence of results and success (outcomes and impacts)? This workshop will provide for facilitated discussions on, and be of assistance to participants who want to design and build, evaluation frameworks to assess and report results for simple, inter-dependent and/or complex initiatives within Canada and in the international context.


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